Growth-Link Integrated Solutions recently held a breakfast at Alpine Attitude in Pretoria to explore the value of coaching, leadership development and attaining potential. The rich tapestry of corporate life colours the lives of all those who engage with it and it can provide each one with an opportunity to learn and grow. This underscored the philosophy of Growth-Link’s approach to leadership and talent development and the theme of the event.

Delicious dishes were spread out before the attendees as they listened to the talk by Chanette Botha, Director of Operations at Growth-Link. She examined the importance of leadership within the remit of achieving goals and transformation and why insight has to be generated from within. This is the core ingredient for effective talent and leadership development.

“The vision of what a leader looks like at each level of the organisation cannot be created by consultants or HR practitioners,” Chanette explained. “We have to create a platform for insight through discussion on what we expect from leaders and talent and use experience to drive a deeper understanding. It is like the butterfly – everyone should have a picture of their end goal and recognise that their learning is a process of metamorphosis.”

She went on to examine how insight can be hardwired into the organisation through repeated messaging and paying attention to it consistently.

“Once we have agreed on what leaders should look like on every level, we need to keep this conversation alive,” added Chanette. “Then we can take the vision to the next level so it can grow with the business challenges that organisations are facing today. This is how to establish a real framework for leadership development and talent management.”

The butterfly analogy was carried throughout the event with gorgeous décor that had butterfly imagery adorn each table.  Each setting also included four documents that showed how Growth-Link could assist the organisation in creating their leadership and talent strategy and making it an unqualified success.

The attendees included Land Bank, Gibbs, Exxaro, Columbus Stainless, ExecuJet, AngoGold Ashanti and Harmony Gold. The illustrious list of blue chip companies demonstrated a keen interest the theme of the event and the potential it held for their businesses.

Chanette summed up the essence of the event perfectly: “Leadership is a lifelong journey, a learning process that keeps apace alongside change. Our most important role is to teach others how to learn and, in the current knowledge economy, there is more pressure than ever to improve this skill.”

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