On behalf of the Growth-Link Integrated Solutions team, I would like to wish our business partners, suppliers and followers a fantastic 2015. May your year be filled with courage, passion and commitment.  The next 12 months are handing us an opportunity to embrace our leadership development journeys, both in our personal lives and organisations, and to embark on new adventures in growth and success.

It’s also a fantastic new start for Growth-Link as we embark on our new brand journey under the guidance of three very important words:

Connect. Learn. Lead.

These words are going to make our plans and strategies for 2015 very exciting indeed. The idea of connecting is one that’s very important to us here at Growth-Link and we believe that one thing that’s essential to your businesses success is the way in which you create, maintain and extend your connections. How you and your teams connect with one another, leading yourselves and the business vision forward, will play an important role in how your business flourishes in the future.

Our goal this year is to partner with people and organisations who, like you, are serious about their development and who recognise that results come from people. After all, people are the most important assets in any business.

We can tap into both your people and business capabilities by assessing leadership potential based on your strategic goals and organisational direction. This way we can systematically help your employees to grow and become the leaders of tomorrow within their specialised business contexts. Our methodology helps each person in attaining personal and professional growth through pathways that allow them to connect with the business and flourish as people.

Growth-Link will soon be hosting breakfast sessions where we will be able to connect with you in person and discuss the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of us in the fields of leadership assessment and development.

This is a year that is offering us the chance to grow as people and organisations. I believe that we should all face the challenges, opportunities and adventures coming our way with integrity and enthusiasm. It’s certainly what we’re doing here at Growth-Link. So, I invite you to grow with us and link to us – add your thoughts in the comments below, I’m looking forward to connecting with you online and in person.

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