Training and Development

The Growth-Link Training and Development programmes are all about growth, development and delivering real business value. We have an exceptional reputation for crafting leadership development frameworks which assure you of the alignment between your business needs and learning strategy.
We will partner with you to find that hidden talent, uncover infinite potential and create environments where your people feel free to collaborate, set egos aside, apply their skills and communicate without barriers.
Our programmes guide your leaders and employees to take accountability for their own development and contribution. We give them the tools they need to become more adept at working in teams and managing others through training and development courses which follow the strategic growth paths of your organisation.
Our stable of products includes customised modules and programmes, a blend of leadership products for senior and executive management and we also have the option for you to build your own programmes from our range of accredited courses.

Some of our offerings are: 

Managing the quality of our Learning interventions

At Growth-Link we are committed to render the best possible service to our customers and learners, and the various stakeholders. As a service provider, Growth-Link, therefore, subscribes to our Total Quality Management (TQM) policy. This simply means that every aspect of the service rendered is of the highest quality.
This approach necessitates an analysis and quality evaluation of every facet of the service rendered, ranging from administrative matters to facilitation and assessment. In practice, this means that:
  • Our learning material is:
    • Designed and developed following a best practice development process.
    • Moderated.
    • Registered with the applicable ETQA.
    • Reviewed annually and updated in terms of latest research and best practice.
  • Our facilitators are:
    • Screened and recruited through an interview, mock facilitation session, and co-facilitation.
    • Performance managed based on administrative compliance, learner and customer satisfaction, quality of assessments and learner competence rate.
    • Matched with clients and projects based on organisational culture, their subject matter expertise and industry experience.
  • Our assessors are:
    • Experienced in learning and development (management and/or facilitation).
    • Registered as per ETQA requirements.
    • Subject matter experts in area of registration.

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