“A high performer in a management role generates 58-120% more annually than an average performer.”
– McKinsey War for Talent Survey

Talent Assessment in 5 Easy Steps

Do you know your performance differential?
Growth-Link does.
We assure you of service excellence, value for money, ease of use, a rich employee experience and, as always, our personal touch as we partner with you to create success.

Types of Assessments:

Growth-Link provides the following types of assessment services to our clients: Individual assessments, team assessments and organizational assessments.

Individual Assessment

  • Selection assessment
  • Development assessment
  • Talent identification
  • Career planning

Team Assessment

Organisational Assessment

  • Culture & Climate
  • Engagement
  • Specific elements related to your strategy

Our Standard Assessment Packages


Job Level
Typical roles
Top/Senior Functional Management
General Managers of operational units/ business assets, Group Managers of a Function e.g. Group Manager HR/Engineering
Middle Management
Finance Manager, Engineering Manager, HR Manager, Section Engineer, Mine Overseer
Senior Professional Specialist
Senior Specialist Supply Chain, Management Accountant, Superintendent HR, HRD Manager
First line management (supervisor/ team manager)
Supervisor, Shift Supervisor, Engineering Foreman
Professional Specialist
HR Business Partner, Accountant, Engineer, Geologist
Clerks, administrators, secretaries
Technical (Skilled)
Artisans, miners
Technical (Semi- skilled)
Technicians, operators
Apprentice, learner miner

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