Crafting best practices in leadership and people development to suit any organisational model and drive sustainable growth

The development of people and leadership roles is only effective if the approach is integrated, simple and engaging. This encourages employees to take ownership and supports the business in building sustainability over the long term. The modern working environment is constantly in flux, leaders are under increasing pressure to manage change and complex issues with effortless effectiveness and flexibility and this is no easy task if they do not have the right skills and tools at their disposal.

The solutions developed by the leaders of yesterday do not answer the questions raised by the people and organisations of today.

A rich leadership development framework can ensure that your business will thrive in mercurial times as it taps into the skills and capabilities of its talent. Adaptable, self-aware, collaborative and network-oriented people form the foundations of leadership in the modern workplace, and these skills should be used to craft the leaders of tomorrow.

Growth-Link Integrated Solutions has an established leadership development framework built on international best practice. It is capable of enabling the organisation to operationalise behaviours defined by their competency framework within clearly defined development themes across each level in the organisation. Our leadership development framework blends the vertical and the horizontal approaches to development for a more balanced learning environment with proven long-term results.

The best way to describe this would be to compare horizontal development to pouring water into an empty glass. It fills up with this new content – leadership techniques. Vertical development expands the glass itself thereby giving it greater capacity to take in more content – transforming the individuals’ ability to absorb and adapt to the leadership learnings.

Through the Growth-Link leadership framework the business will gain an integrated approach to organisational and people development that strengthens the talent pipeline without complexity. The development of the corporation and its people is not a one-time event or initiative; it is a leader-led process that establishes conversation and collaboration as the cornerstones of commitment and implementation. A common language and value system is then seamlessly integrated across the business that makes for more effective and compelling communication and development.

An agile development framework that’s intelligently integrated into your organisation will ensure that employees are all developed for their specific roles and will inspire their engagement and performance. It will allow for employees to become increasingly accomplished in their roles – managing themselves while being effective in a team and/or managing a team within the context of the business. They will attain technical competence alongside a deeper understanding, and respect for, organisational processes and systems.

In addition to these benefits, an integrated leadership development framework can ensure that changes in culture can be easily aligned to the business and that clear developmental pathways are established throughout the organisation at all levels.

With us you can define the leaders of your business and build richer relationships, competencies and capabilities that will strengthen both the employee and the organisation as a whole. Integrated leadership development frameworks built today play an important role in creating the flexible and scalable businesses of tomorrow.

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