As a leader, how often do you ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do I stay relevant in an ever changing market?
  • How can I increase the value of our stakeholders?
  • How do we take the organisation to the next level?




The reality is that our daily To Do lists and activities get in the way of the big picture, something which should always stay top of mind. Essential issues such as wage negotiation, company politics, stakeholder conflict, or even company celebrations, take up our time, impacting our ability to stand back and be mindful. We need to look critically at the business from numerous angles and ask the kind of questions which will impact its sustainability and long-term success.

Many leadership ‘gurus’ speak about the most effective forms of leadership behaviour. This is important, of course, of course there are some principles which should form a leader’s foundation which need to be active and support others in adding value. However, what does it help if you have wonderfully defined behaviours while your business dies a slow death?

Put first things first. Uncover the fundamental principles you should be driving as a leader. Children can fight about toys if not given guidance, but if you encourage them to play a game instead, they become more creative and sharing. The question you need to ask is – how do we play the business game with joy while also getting the right business results.

Here are five principles which define and refine the leader’s game and the way your business will play its game:

  1. Define your dream for the business and commit to it with passion

Your commitment to the outcome of the business should be your passion. The more passionate you are about these objectives, the better you will be as a leader. If you lose this, you will get busy with the non-essentials and will be obsolete before you realise.

  1. Make it simple for yourself, and live this simplicity

If you have too many ideas, views and concepts in your mind, then you’ll get nothing done. Make your vision or dream for the business into something simple and clear, something everyone can understand, and then start doing it. You know what this needs to be, for now. Having too many things to consider is like throwing a ball on the field without knowing who to throw to or what the scoring system is. Not only will you get bored, but your valuable time will be wasted.

  1. Create momentum with your team and engage with them through open and honest conversations

Take your entire leadership team through a process of understanding and alignment and bring them together. People want to feel united and that they belong to the team. This is an ideal opportunity to create the first team concept and start playing the game with passion. Make it simple for everyone to understand, but show the value, the relevance and the importance throughout.

  1. Drive the change process

Be open to change. Listen to your stakeholders, look at the results and recognise the truth, all the time. Continuously change your thinking and mindset so you can obtain the highest scores. Through coaching and strategy sessions, you can reflect on performance and look at ways in which your approach can be amended to really deliver results. It is essential you are prepared to learn and recognise the value of mistakes, and allow for open and honest conversations.

  1. Hold the momentum

Hold the momentum, even if you’re in the last ten minutes of the game. Never give up and maintain your energy and passion. Follow these principles constantly, remind yourself of their value and encourage your team to enable itself, and one another.

Now is the time for us all to play the game with passion. We have so much to say about rugby, so what would your audience say if they were watching your business game? Would they shout with excitement and exude commitment? Or will the pavilion be empty, one lone flag waving on desolate benches. Stand back, take a look at the long game and keep your focus on the end game.

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