One of the most difficult tasks is the one where you learn to understand yourself.

Growth-Link Integrated Solutions has crafted the rich and meaningful Emotional Mastery course to provide a platform for leaders and individuals to connect with themselves and their organisations through a deeper understanding of their emotions and behaviours. This insightful and carefully designed module provides an experience that’s fundamentally important to building and growing successful business as it nurtures competent, self-motivated individuals with integrity and a positive attitude.

The course has had impressive results, with many attendees openly sharing how it has helped them to tap into their emotional challenges and issues, finding better ways of communicating with others and with themselves.

Delegates from Anglo American found the Emotional Mastery workshop to be engaging, practical and interesting, showing them that their experiences were shared by many other people who attended the course alongside them. At Lonmin, attendees were glowing in their praise, grateful for the way in which the course had allowed them to manage their stress, build up confidence and develop as individuals.

“Our Emotional Mastery course creates the opportunity for people to pause and reflect on how past role models and incidents affect their current behaviour, and are given ways in which to change or continue in their ways,” explains Jeanette Joubert, Principal Consultant. “Every employee affects their colleagues and one small behavioural change can have such a positive impact on team culture, collaboration and the work climate.”

The module has been carefully designed to address and examine the elements that influence a person’s actions and emotions. Through practical and principle-based solutions, attendees develop a better understanding of who they are and what they need to do in order to relate to the world with greater effectiveness and integrity.

“An awareness of how their behaviour affects others provides our attendees with a choice to improve,” says Judy Molefi, Associate Consultant. “Individuals develop insight and, by modifying their actions towards others in a positive way, may improve relationships at both the personal and business level.”

The Emotional Mastery programme is a rewarding and emotive journey through self towards greater appreciation and understanding, and it is an ideal choice for those who are not always emotionally attentive or are experiencing some difficulties with moods and personal interactions. Using excessive humour in serious matters, unreasonable anger, withdrawal, recurrent headaches, erratic sleeping patterns, temperamental behaviour and sudden substance abuse are clear warning signs that a person may need to attend this programme.

“People are not always emotionally cognisant and the signs that they need to go through this course are wide and varied,” says Judy. “Our participants have undergone some remarkable personal changes as a result of opening up to the programme, many saying that they have found a new consciousness that almost begs them to do things differently.”

Emotional Mastery is a superb asset to any organisation in supporting employees, leaders and teams, connecting people with both themselves and one another. Through careful and sensitively managed engagements, the Growth-Link facilitators ensure that delegates feel comfortable enough to open up, and secure enough to walk into a new way of living an emotionally connected life.

“If someone is experiencing frustration with relationships and a connection with others, then now is the time for them to undertake our module,” concludes Jeanette. “There is no better time to be open to the idea of sharing from a deeply personal level and taking ownership of your own behaviour, reactions and choices in life.”

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