Growth-Link Integrated Solutions sent Ilizanne Howard, Peter Howard, Natasha Britz and Olga-Jane Ackerman to the ALMA school on 23rd June 2015 as part of the organisation’s corporate social identity (CSI) programme. The team took 300 blankets that had been donated by Growth-Link clients and suppliers, as well as open-hearted individuals, and five boxes of tinned food that had been collected by the children from Edu-Excellence.

“We took enough blankets to give one to each child,” says Ilizanne Howard, MD of Growth-Link Integrated Solutions. “We also gave them a standing freezer for their new hospitality class that was bought using the money we had raised from selling our Relate bracelets.”

The morning was a huge success and incredibly heart-warming for all involved. The proceedings were started by Mr Zirke Bondesio, the Principal of ALMA School, with a short bible lesson that talked about the juxtaposition of cold and heat – the freezer and the blankets – and how things can be kept cold to be hold their goodness and how the heat allows you to warm things up to eat and that, in turn, brings about wellbeing. The message was that God gives His love to make us all feel good and warm. Peter Howard then played a few songs on his guitar accompanied by Ilizanne and this was then followed by a short message that was designed to inspire the children to aspire to greater things.

“I shared a message with the children about being small seeds and how love and caring nurtures seeds to become something bigger and better and how faith and prayer can help these seeds to grow,” says Howard.

Abel, the Casual Day Mascot then introduced the 2015 Casual Day theme – Spring into Action – and some of the teachers talked about how the kids could dress up as bees, trees or butterflies for Casual Day on 04 September. Once this was done, the team was taken on a tour of the school and enjoyed coffee, tea and snacks in the new hospitality class along with the teacher, Magda. She was ecstatic about the new freezer!

“It was an exciting morning with so many smiles from the children,” says Howard. “The realisation dawned on us all that no matter who you are, you can do something to make the lives of these children better, to help the school and the teachers who dedicate their time to giving these children a dignified life.”

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