Life is a journey. Everyone knows this to be a fundamental truth. It’s on posters and campaigns and walls. The idea is used to sell cars and clothes and beauty.  What makes it so special, however, is that each journey is different and the people that touch our lives do so in ways that are unique to us. I was thinking of significant people in my life and the one who stood out the most was my father. Whenever I think of him I am grateful for all that he has done and I believe that we all have many stories to tell, lessons to share and moments of joy that have been given to us by our fathers.

As June is month that recognises fatherhood, it seems only fair to think on how the Dads in our lives have influenced who we are and what we do. I think that it is not always the things our dads did or said that made such a difference, but also the things they never said.

My father never:

  • Talked about trust, and yet he always trusted;
  • Explained what it meant to believe and what to believe in, and yet he always believed;
  • Described the principles of forgiveness, but was quick to forgive others and himself;
  • Preached happiness, yet he was always happy;
  • Taught us how to help our mother, but always assisted her in incredible ways;
  • Showed us the steps to resolve conflict, but honoured people in his conversations and; showed the value of this throughout his journey with me;
  • Told us what endurance means, but showed dedication and perseverance in all his endeavours, upholding these values right through to the end.

Often words are not spoken and yet the examples that are set are exceptional.

As leaders, teachers and family members we are granted the opportunity to teach others and to show them the way and often we fail to stand for what our words say or what our beliefs represent. We recognise the fact that to learn means to be open to change, but as teachers and coaches and leaders we fail to place ourselves at the centre of the learning process.

When we say ‘Walk the talk’ it is easy to hear the words or speak them, but practising what we preach is hard. It’s not a simple road to travel.

So the question that must be asked of any leader is this – Why should anyone be led by you?

At Growth-Link Integrated Solutions we support leaders and supervisors, guiding them towards becoming aware of their own behaviour and that of others. We show them how this impacts the business through the learning and coaching processes.

One of our intervention and public workshops– click here to find out more [Link to page where details go] – is on-the- job coaching. We assist leaders in empowering their teams through an one-on-one process and help them to acquire the right skills they need to perform their tasks.

As we slip out of June and into the second half of the year, now is the right time to challenge yourself and others to become the best leaders you can be.

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