Over the past few months here at Growth-Link Integrated Solutions we have been focused on the quality of Connect – one of the cornerstones of our Connect Learn Lead philosophy. It got me to thinking about how important it is that you connect with your value, as an organisation, employee, leader and individual.

Value is a commodity and one that people often forget to recognise and respect within themselves. A good leader is someone who is content with who they are, someone who is honest about what they can give and what they have.  Leadership is a journey and value creation is an essential tool for travelling that road, connecting as leaders to our roles, ourselves and the people around us.

As leaders we need to ask how we can connect with our business and its people to unlock its value. And what actions and beliefs are perhaps limiting or destroying the value on offer from employees and teams. Finding your value within yourself and your business is a remarkable adventure of self-discovery and growth. This level of self-discovery and growth in exploring your leadership potential should be a part of why you are busy, not set aside because busy has become more important.

Growth-Link is committed to this path and we have connected with some fantastic influencers, leaders and teams as we have helped them to find the value within themselves.  The results are always inspiring as we see how an understanding of value forges impressive change for people and the business as a whole.  We have a variety of programmes on offer, but in March we are planning to deliver our flagship Emotional Mastery Programme that has been designed to address this fundamental element of leadership.

Often our ideas, perceptions, past experiences and current situations can influence the way in which we perceive our value, and this can impact our offering to the world. It is by connecting to ourselves that we become aware of these challenges and more capable of finding our own pathways through life, recognising the value we offer to others and ourselves.

Leadership has many elements at its core and this is one that really stands out for us at Growth-Link because it is something you can give to yourself, and only you can establish how much, and to whom, you can offer this commodity. People often disregard their value, losing a connection with themselves, and this impacts their ability to lead. Through emotional mastery, a leader can unwrap their unique challenges, find ways to work with them and, through this honesty, help others to grow.

And, in the spirit of connecting with value, I would like to introduce our exciting community project where we are collecting new blankets for schools with special needs. Please contact Olga-Jane on 012 424 0300 to let us know if you have any new blankets you would be keen to donate, everything is of value! We look forward to connecting with you throughout the year, and seeing you at our workshops in March. Together, let’s show you how valuable you are…

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