Developing a best in class competency framework is essential for the modern organisation to succeed as a competitive force within the market. The design phase of a corporate-specific competency framework will engage with the company leaders as they discuss and formalise their ideas on how a leader should behave. The outcome of the process is a superb conversation framework that has the potential to shift the organisation onto a new and exciting path. The process allows leaders to unpack what is expected of people within the business and craft a culture of inclusion.

These discussions around leadership bring its value and importance to the fore, thereby creating an atmosphere of ownership and interest in the right areas of the business. A well thought out framework (with buy-in from the top) forms the foundations for all processes involving people, the lifeblood of the business, and ensures an easily understood outline for all discussions around competence. This creates a common focus and sets the standards for expected behaviour in selection, employee development, performance management and coaching. Reaching across the silos of Human Resources and Management, it plays a pivotal role in supporting the core competencies of both the business and the employee.

There is inordinate value in linking the organisation’s core competencies to the employee’s personal competencies – a delicate balance between what the role requires and the individual’s potential in driving that position forward. The leadership conversation in the organisation shifts thanks to a well-structured framework and can be seen in an enriched business culture, improved business performance and sustainable processes and systems going forward. Any competency framework needs to fit the core of the organisation and be built on its inner strengths, allowing the business to stay ahead of the competition. The framework also provides a structure for conversations, ensuring personal and organisational growth. Tap into the strengths of individuals and their expertise and your organisation will thrive.

It takes a business to build a leader and our competency framework can support you in cultivating the pathways to leadership and organisational success.

Growth-Link Integrated Solutions (GLIS) has developed an industry leading competency framework utilising recent research.  Our solution has been designed to explore specific themes including: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Business, and is further enhanced by Behavioural Actor Rating Scales (BARS) that are allocated per Stratified Systems Theory (SST) levels. This means that, through these themes, organisations can develop rich capabilities in leadership, cultivate synergy from relationships with others and drive the business agenda within the right context.

The GLIS competency framework ensures that leaders focus on core competencies and values, creating a culture of committed and empowered employees who use their skills and abilities to take the business through times both tough and terrific. Clients can utilise the framework as it stands to implement across their business, or they can use it as a basis to customise an individual, targeted model for their specific organisational requirement

The integrated approach of the core competency framework is proven to have long-term success for organisations that have placed significant emphasis on their development and implementation. Build the people of tomorrow, today.

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