The organisation that fully capitalises on the capabilities of its employees, recognises and develops talent and values its leaders is the organisation that is most likely to thrive in the fast changing world of work. Leaders are obliged to take up the role as a coach so that employees are heard, their personal journeys understood, and so that all individuals feel empowered to grow and perform.

Leaders can no longer direct and manage from a distance or dominate the environment with restrictive rules and inflexible conditions. To lead today demands flexibility, the ability to listen to others and the skills by which to translate individuality into corporate capital – inspiring others through emotional and intellectual intelligence. Coaching is an essential part of the leadership process and competence set, but it must be undertaken in a way that encourages and develops others.

Coaching is an attitude. It is a doorway to communication that allows for the free flow of ideas, emotions and beliefs while promoting growth and understanding.

Criticism and unfavourable feedback have a remarkably negative, long-term impact on an employee. They tie into commonly held feelings of failure and frustration, undermining their sense of self and often leading to a drop in performance and commitment to the organisation. However, feedback within context, often defined by the organisations competency framework, is important. Done well, it can transform any conversation into an opportunity and give employees the keys to their future within the business, and themselves.

Growth-Link Integrated Solutions can revolutionise the way in which coaching conversations take place in your organisation. Coaching for performance creates opportunities for every conversation to teach and support an employee. This instantly results in a shift in employee morale and performance as both leader and employee can correct and enhance performance while honing their capabilities on a continuing basis.

The potential of coaching extends into personal growth with every conversation used to contribute to the individual development of each employee. This asks that leaders choose to engage and that communication is open and honest. Growth-Link guides leaders in learning how to walk in another’s shoes, truly forgetting about their own agendas and emotions while understanding another.

Growth-Link Integrated Solutions provides leaders with the tools and applied insight they need to use coaching intuitively across the tiers of performance evaluation and development and how to avoid common mistakes that can negatively impact employee performance. One of the most common is to link performance managing the employee with coaching them – a problem identified and a session instigated to fix it. This makes the learning element into a punishment, a consequence of a poor performance evaluation, which undermines its value and any positive value it could have had for the employee.

Self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-monitoring are qualities that define a great leader in an organisation that supports excellence and inspires vibrant and energised working environments. Through our expertise and support, leaders will gain the ability to earn trust and understand the natural learning processes of their employees.  Connecting with others, sharing their concerns and recognising their competencies – these are the routes to great leaders as coaches, organisations as dynamic places to work and employees as engaged and committed participants.

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