All women are different.  Not only the ways we look physically, but what we like, do, believe and love.
We are all capable of moving mountains, of making a success of anything we decide we want to do, and we can do all of this while raising children, caring for our families and pursuing our interests.

Here are a few quotes from ladies working for Growth-Link.  And each of them is as different, as the ladies who gave them, are different.

May you always remember that any challenge can be overcome.  We are diverse, special and strong!  We are women!

“I struggled with the loss of my parents and that made me a courageous and self-driven woman that I am today. I could only ask myself “where to from here?”.. but because of perseverance & the strength that dwells within me, each step I took led me to a better place.”
Masape Letsoalo

“I am a mother, wife, daughter, older sister and friend.  One of the hardest things for me is to realise everyday that it is ok to be all these things the way that I know best and the way that I am.  To not let other people’s fears, opinions and judgement interfere with me being unapologetically and authentically me.”
Olga-Jane Ackerman

“Never misjudge a woman’s caring nature and ability to influence others based on her understanding of their emotional needs as being a weakness. A nation can be divided and a war can be won or lost because of this. Let us use this to heal and grow each other, our loved ones and our country!”
Jeanette Joubert

“The rose-garden world of perfection is a lie… and a bore, too! In the real world we need to face our own challenges, make our own mistakes and find our own definition of who we are. “
Chanette Botha

“Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it.”
Marelize Kayser

“I have struggled and learned that:

No matter how good my heart is, eventually I will have to start treating people the way they treat me for my own sake.  It is okay to love myself and put myself 1st during life changing decisions and life challenges.  And mostly Love, Live and laugh because tomorrow is not guaranteed. “
Khumbudzo Matibe

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